Sunday, March 26, 2006


Why does one wait for tomorrow or the day after
Everyday will be just the same as the one before
With the ripples of time through the ocean of eternity
The universe heaves and collapses on itself once more

We are like some characters trapped in a movie
Destined to live the same scene over and over in vain
Laugh at the same jokes grieve over the same miseries
Like tides that rise only to recede, then rise again

There is no better pleasure than being a vagabond
Giving in to the pleasures of simple vanderlust
For it is he who seeks joy in every single moment
Till the receding tides turn his body into dust

Why do you aspire to be a raindrop someday
When you are something of much more beauty
Tiny icicles on edges of the nimbus suspended in time
The prism through which the rainbow we see