Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Spirit

The skies are turning from azure to grey
The thunderclouds gather for their dance of death
The storm in my tea cup has spilt over
But I am man, I wont be afraid I wont ever fret

Bring on the deluge, the fire, the storms of hail
To the drudgery of normality they provide respite
Hear me all ye fierce forces of mother nature
I know your bark is loud but you never bite

If all the four horsemen of apocalypse
Decided to charge on me today
As they ride lances pointed at my heart
With a smile on my lips I would say

“Bring it on ye cowardly weaklings
You think you can take on man
For thousands of years I stood my ground
While you took flight, you ran”

All this time without aim I have been
Directionless I have walked the lands
But my failures have awoken me
Behold! before you a Giant now stands

Now that I have fallen I rise refreshed
My own blood and sweat are my steroid
I will perform miracles unseen, unheard of
Build universes out of nothing but void

Try and stop me now if anyone dares
I will swat away every insignificant obstacle hurled
When all is said and done and the dust has settled
You will see me standing on top of this world.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I know for sure that this post is going to ruffle some feathers but after having the same argument with so many of my friends I am gripped by this fear, a fear that I had relegated as an insignificant worry for too long a time perhaps but now I feel its high time someone stood up and talked about it. My fear is that if the crusaders for equality took over the world civilization as we know it will come to a stand still or worse still regress several steps backward.

Equality, the word seems to generate utopian hallucinations of a place where everyone has just the same amount of money, food, clothing the works and most importantly everyone is HAPPY. This idea seems quite benign, nay I daresay it seems very welcome, but it is anything but. Equality for all of humanity is a potentially devastating concept. It will rip through the very foundations on which civilization after civilization have been built. Confused? Think I need to be put into a straightjacket? Read on …

Lets start with what got us here in the first place. Now I am not talking about any apocryphal tale of two humans cast away from the Garden of Eden that spawned an entire race to which we belong. I am talking about the most scientifically plausible explanation of evolution, Darwin’s theory. According to Charles Darwin the entire history of evolution can be summed into one phrase ‘ Survival of the fittest’. What it means is during evolution some sub-species were stronger, smarter than the others and thus beat the weaker ones to build a better gene pool that ultimately led to the development of the human. If, by some divine law these strong, smart subspecies were prevented from defeating (and killing) the weak wouldn’t all of us be hanging from branches of trees?

This same philosophy applies today. Lets consider a hypothetical case of company ABC where every employee right from the clerk to the CEO gets paid the same sum. What incentive does any employee have to work harder? None. Ergo the clerk won’t aspire to be a senior clerk, the assistant manager would not care about a promotion to manager and the CEO (assuming he gets paid partly or fully in stock options) will never give a damn about the bottomline. Such a company would crash before it lasted a quarter. Now think of an entire industry, an entire economy, an entire country that is run on similar lines. What do you think would happen to it? Lack creative imagination? Google for 'Cuba'.

To all over zealous socialists whose hearts burn with the intense desire to picket everytime they see a man driving a Mercedes or living in a mansion I beseech them to get one thing through their incredibly resistant belief structure. Inequality is GOOD. It is what drives our society. It is what spawns art, literature, science, industry, commerce in short every aspect of our civilization. If a certain young lower middle class man had not aspired to own oil fields while working at a gas station we would not have an industrial behemoth (or two smaller ones) called Reliance in India. Similar examples exist everywhere. What we need to do is to provide the tools necessary for the people from the disadvantaged section to climb up the ladder and claim the position they desire. Thats where our job as responsible citizens should stop. Redistribution of income, quotas for jobs and education these are meaningless bunkum propogated by retards who refuse to be realistic. Inequality will never go away. If it does so will we!